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I couldn't be happier with the care you gave me. I'm going to tell everyone that this is the way to go.

Emma T., Apprehensive Patient

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Vision Statement

“Safe and Serene” (SAS)

Mission Statement

Promoting safe and comfortable anesthesia services in the outpatient and office-based setting through a comprehensive professional and personalized approach.

Core Values:

1. We hold safety and comfort as our primary concerns.
2. We are committed to providing high-quality and extraordinary value to our patients and the healthcare system.
3. We strive to distinguish our practice by fostering a culture of personal caring.
4. We believe that long-lasting relationships with our clients can best be accomplished by outstanding service.
5. We embrace challenging cases and are committed to devoting extraordinary effort to facilitate the safe completion of those cases.
6. We strive to advance the subspecialty of Office-Based Anesthesia in a responsible fashion.

MAILING ADDRESS: 727 N Baltimore, Derby, KS 67037