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Can I receive health care services without my insurance company finding out?

Yes, you may receive health care services without your insurance company’s knowledge under the Federal “HITECH” law. Please refer to our Patient Privacy Practices or contact our office for more information.

Why can’t I eat or drink anything prior to my procedure?

Anything in the stomach has the potential to come up during a sedation and go down into the lungs. This is called regurgitation and is different from vomiting. It can happen “silently” during a sedation or anesthetic and can result in severe lung damage or death. The rules for what can and can’t be consumed within a given time before your surgery will be discussed with you, are viewable on this website, and are also contained in the sedation packet that will be completed before the scheduled procedure.

Can I be with my child during the procedure?

You will be present when your child goes to sleep. Once the child is sedated and we are ready to begin the surgery, you will be shown to the waiting room. When the procedure is completed, we’ll bring you to our recovery area, where you’ll be with your child during awakening and recovery. Recovery time is typically one hour. After reviewing many studies and based on personal experience during thousands of cases, we feel the presence of parents in the operatory is detrimental to the child’s safety. In the event of a problem, any time, effort, or energy spent calming a parent or explaining what’s happening, is much better spent helping the patient. We appreciate your understanding that this policy is in your child’s best interest.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes. We participate with Care Credit, who offers an easy, interest-free way to finance your procedure and allows for monthly payments. See our payment information page for details.

What do you do if there’s an emergency?

We keep emergency equipment and medications on hand. Any adverse event which cannot be dealt with quickly would trigger an activation of the EMS system. Emergencies of this kind are extremely uncommon in our practice.

Will my insurance cover this?

That depends and the answer will vary depending on the patient’s medical insurance. It is best to contact your insurance company ahead of time to find out if you are covered. Our office can help you with codes that may be required to determine coverage.

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