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I couldn't be happier with the care you gave me. I'm going to tell everyone that this is the way to go.

Emma T., Apprehensive Patient

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Before we aligned ourselves with the dental community, many cases had to be handled in hospitals or ambulatory surgery centers (ASC). Not only did this add to the apprehension from a patient perspective, but it was more cumbersome and expensive from every angle. We’ve dedicated our practice to bringing safe and comfortable anesthesia services straight into dental offices all around Kansas.

By giving dentists the opportunity to perform procedures in their own offices, we eliminate the hospital or ambulatory surgical facility fee and help to make patients generally more comfortable with their surroundings. As a result, insurance, government, and private agency costs are also reduced.

Since we’ve been in business, we’ve noticed patients and their families are happier going to the dental office. Here’s why:

  • The dentist’s office is a place they’re already familiar with; no surprises.
  • They can arrive just before the procedure begins and park right outside, rather than in a large parking garage, a long distance away.
  • They can be back out of the office in as little as an hour after the procedure is over with – no waiting for dismissal.

Happier patients make for happier dentists! Dentists have everything they could possibly need right at their fingertips, without having to transport it to the hospital. In addition, they can see other patients while we prepare and recover the sedated patient and they don’t have to spend time commuting to and from the hospital. As one dentist is fond of saying, “There’s nothing like cooking in your own kitchen.”

That’s why another dentist has called us “The best bargain in healthcare today.” Give us a try. We know you’ll agree.

Interested to hear more about how we got our start? Read about the history of Special Anesthesia Services here.

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